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Tradesmans Entrance
Bay home venues for 2015
From the Union
Written by BOP Union   
Monday, 18 May 2015

The Steamers are returning to The Domain for the Battle of the Kaimais

Bay of Plenty Rugby fans can look forward to an exciting season involving afternoon match-ups with traditional rivals and neighbours.
Bay of Plenty will open their 2015 ITM Cup campaign at home against North Harbour on Friday 14th August at 8.05pm at Tauranga’s ASB Baypark Stadium.

Changes to Bay Rugby for 2015
From the Union
Written by The BOP Union   
Thursday, 18 December 2014

In 2015, the Baywide Club Rugby structure will be a first round local competition followed by a second round 12 team  Baywide Premier competition, with a compulsory development team, and a 12 team Baywide First division competition with the finals to be played on the 25th July.

12th Annual Mafia Awards 2014
Written by KP   
Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Thanks to everyone who voted this year, it was great to see after 2 poor seasons.

This is the 12th year of Mafia awards, click on the year to see the details for that year. 

Award 2014
2011  2010 2009
1. Bardoul
Bourke Bourke Delany
2. Bond
Arnold Masaga Bourke
3. Royal
Talaapitaga Masaga
Cane Retallick Braid
Rookie Hollinshead
Noakes Masaga Burleigh
Lifetime -
Bourke Bourke Delany

Award 2008
2006 2005 2004 2003
1. Bourke Delany
Nutbrown Latu Ormond Jackson 
2. McGougan MacDonald
Aporo Ormond Jackson McQuoid
3. Latimer Davison Latu Lutui Tipoki Senio
Rookie McGougan King
Aporo Delany Bourke -
Lifetime Moore Tahana Latu Ormond Jackson -

Read on for the details of the 2014 Awards.

Clayton McMillan new Head Coach
Written by Admin   
Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Breaking News: Clayton McMillan is the new Head Coach of Bay of Plenty. Rodney Gibbs remains Assistant Coach.

Written by Kiwi Pie   
Monday, 27 October 2014

It's back - your chance to vote for your Mafia player of the season. Click on the Mafia Voting Link and make your selections. Voting closes on November 7.

Check the Mafia Awards going back to 2003.
2013 - Player of the Season : Kane Hames
2012 - Player of the Season : Tanerau Latimer
2011 - Player of the Season : Colin Bourke
2010 - Player of the Season : Colin Bourke
2009 - Player of the Season : Mike Delany
2008 - Player of the Season : Colin Bourke
2007 - Player of the Season : Mike Delany
2006 - Player of the Season : Jamie Nutbrown
2005 - Player of the Season : Nili Latu
2004 - Player of the Season : Wayne Ormond
2003 - Player of the Season : Glen Jackson

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Split of Home Fixtures?
Steamers 2014
 : ITM Cup
Position: 7
15 Aug: Southland L 23-34
24 Aug: Tasman L 27-56
31 Aug: Taranaki L 3-41
3 Sep: Manawatu L 27-29
7 Sep: North Harbour W 21-14
13 Sep: Auckland L 12-27
20 Sep: Hawke's Bay (RS) L 17-36
25 Sep: Northland L 27-30
4 Oct: Otago W 33-16
9 Oct: Waikato L 12-29
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